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MEDITECH EHR and Advanced Clinical Implementation.
Magic, Client Server, 6.x & Expanse (Web Acute, and Web Ambulatory)

MEDITECH 6.x READY, Client Server and Magic Pharmacy, CPOE and Advanced Clinical Implementation

Why should you call Healthien?

In addition to being experts in all versions of MEDITECH Magic and Client Server, our consultants who are a group of PharmDs with advanced therapeutic education, have the breadth of clinical and technical experience in 6.x (M-AT platform) build and implementation . This unique combination of experience qualified our consultants to serve on the MEDITECH Hospital Summit Focus Group, guiding the MEDITECH team in the design and development of a robust Clinical Decision Support System.  Additionally, Healthien consultants have also been awarded to become active members of the MEDITECH Advisory Board to provide best practice and optimum workflow information to assist MEDITECH team in developing standard content. Our consultants also skilled in both NPR and M-AT rules and reports writing, which position Healthien to be superior to any other consulting firm in the country for 6.x implementation and build.

CPOE build and implementation of the advanced clinical components Full Life Cycle projects focus on integrating MEDITECH 6.x Products with organizational processes to improve patient safety, healthcare delivery, and workflow efficiency. Our success in the 6.x space is based on the following:

  • Our consultants have been implementing all versions of 6.x since its evolution in 2008
  • The breadth of experience or our consultants qualified them to serve on MEDITECH Hospital Summit Focus Group, as well as MEDITECH Advisory Board
  • Expert in 6.16 Pharmacy, Order Management, and Surgical Services build and integration
  • Expert in Business and Clinical Analytics (BCA) of 6.16
  • The talents and creativity in leveraging the MEDITECH capabilities to develop state of the art Clinical Decision Support tools for physicians, pharmacists and nurses
  • Expert in workflow analysis, redesign and implementation and support
  • Our successful track records with Meaningful Use engagements
  • Our unparalleled therapeutic and clinical knowledge, coupled with a superior M-AT experience
  • Expert in NPR report writer, and M-AT report designer

Implementation methodology:

Our approach consists of the following phases:

  1. Assessment and Design
    1. Our clinical team conducts detailed current state workflow and system assessment to determine.
    2. Future state gap analysis by comparing current practice with future state
    3. Future state design based on best practice and technology capabilities
  2. Build
    1. State of the art user friendly build to ensure physician adoption and meet regulatory requirements
    2. Clinical Decision Support tools designed to enhance patient safety
    3. Standardization of Multi entity hospital systems
    4. Integration between the different modules
  3. Test and Optimize
    1. Series of parallel and integrated testing to ensure successful and seamless go-live
    2. Fine tune and optimize build tailored to various physician practices
  4. Training
    1. Assist in developing efficient training program
    2. Assist in developing training materials tailored to the specific audience
    3. One on one training on the use of CPOE
  5. Post Live support
    1. Our expert team of consultants will provide elbow to elbow support to physicians nurses and pharmacists during go-live
    2. Promptly trouble shoot and resolve issues

Assessment Services

We offer assessment services to help each organization identify gaps in current processes and/or technology, and their needs in order to prepare for upcoming projects.

We understand that system implementations and upgrades are not only required to better serve your physician, clinical, and business groups, but also to allow your personnel to provide better care and services to your customers. Learn more…

Whether preparing for software implementation, or remediation and optimization efforts, we offer readiness assessment services. Our unique and talented consultants, as healthcare professionals and subject matter experts, can successfully integrate people, processes and technology together to enhance workflow efficiency, patient safety, and clinicians’ adoption. With years of experience of MEDITECH functionality and build, our consultants develop future state design based on best practice integrated with the new technology

Our readiness assessment includes:

  • Governance structure, and organizational commitment
  • Review of clinical teams and medical staff engagement
  • Review of MEDITECH dictionaries and its advanced clinical components
  • In depth use of current applications
  • Current and future state workflow gap analysis, including process improvement and patient safety initiatives
  • Change management and clinical transformation
  • Current and future communication plan
  • Organizational efforts and commitment to staff and physician education.

System Optimization

As organizations consistently experience operational issues, they realize the need to step back and evaluate how their system is implemented. Optimization efforts allow organizations to realize benefits in workflow efficiency, patient experience and reduced Length of Stay (LOS), and increased revenue.

Our experienced consultants will assist with optimizing your MEDITECH Advanced Clinical components base on evaluation of the following:

  • The organization is leveraging the system full capabilities,
  • Validity of the current dictionaries build
  • The organization current with new updates,
  • The staff level of knowledge of the system functionality and build.

Our optimization efforts will include:

  • Physician ordering
  • Pharmacy operations and dictionaries build
  • Clinical documentation
  • Patient Care System

Advanced Clinical Implementation

Our credentialed healthcare professionals that make up our consultant pool enable our clients to leverage our best practice approach and tools to successfully implement Advanced Clinical Systems and achieve optimal results across the organization. In addition to being credentialed healthcare professional, our consultants possess unparalleled skills in NPR and M-AT rule writing, with which they are able to design and build the most sophisticated and physician-friendly Clinical Decision Support tools, designed to streamline the ordering process and enhance patient safety, as well as complying with clinical quality measures

ARAA and Meaningful Use

Healthien has led many clients to achieve readiness and successful attestation for Phase I, II and III within the MEDITECH community. Our strong team focused solely on these initiatives continues to stay on top of regulatory requirements and keep in communication with…

  • Development of Clinical Decision Support systems through the build of Customer Defined Screens, M-AT and NPR rules and attributes, to comply with Clinical Quality Measures and meet meaningful use requirements
  • Development of innovative solutions to formulary and protocols challenges, designed to overcome system limitations and streamline providers ordering process
  • Combining safety and quality initiatives along with Meaningful Use criteria has allowed our clients to improve care standards and receive ARRA funding.

Out-patient Electronic Prescribing integration and build

Healthien has a long track record of successful e-prescribing implementations in many organizations. Our expert consultants optimize and build efficient physician focus ambulatory ordering system using best practice. Our build provides a closed loop of healthcare delivery, designed for safe and seamless medication reconciliation processes that meet the regulatory standards

We integrate clinics and physician practices with the hospital acute care at admission and discharge to allow for seamless conversion from outpatient to inpatient and vice versa, including Web Ambulatory and hospital AOM integration, set up and build.

Our expert consulting team can assist your organization in the setup and build process of MEDITECH dictionaries and DrFirst s parameters, including setup implementation Electronic Prescribing of Controlled substance (EPCS) and two factor authentications (2FA). We provide physicians education and training on the use of EPCS Gold portal